Who Can be a Registered Agent for an LLC or Corporation?

Who Can be a Registered Agent for an LLC or Corporation?

Who Can be a Registered Agent for an LLC or Corporation?

Missouri requires all businesses to have a registered agent to handle various tasks. It is crucial to make sure there is a registered agent as soon as the business is launched, but the requirements for who can serve are fairly low. What this means for LLCs or corporations is that they have numerous options for who to use as a registered agent. With plenty of options, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of each one and determine which solution is likely going to be best for the company. Some of the information to consider will include the following.

Requirements for a Registered Agent

The requirements for who can serve as a registered agent in Missouri are minimal. The agent must be at least 18 years old, must either be a resident in Missouri or have an office in the state, and must have a physical address registered with the state. A post office box can only be listed on the form as long as it’s accompanied by a street address. The agent must consent to the position in writing, and the information must be filed with the state to show who is the registered agent for the company.

The registered agent must be available during regular business hours in their office, even if it’s in a different location from the main offices of the company. They must also be prepared and able to tackle any of the tasks required of the registered agent, such as fielding legal concerns and dealing with customer complaints. As long as a person or company can handle the tasks and be available as required, almost anyone can be a registered agent for a company.

An Employee of the Company

Some companies may want to use an employee as the registered agent since the employee is already at the office each day. It is important to make sure the schedule allows for the employee to be accessible during regular business hours. This can be a job added to a current employee’s job, but it may take time away from the other work they need to do while they’re in the office. If an employee is chosen to be the registered agent, additional training may be needed before they can handle the tasks required by the position.

One of the biggest downsides to this solution is that legal documents will be served at the office, which means it’s possible clients may see this happening. It’s often better to have the registered agent off-site for this reason, which may not be possible if an employee is chosen to be the registered agent. Another downside is the potential to find a replacement if the employee leaves their position or is fired, but whether or not this is a concern depends on numerous factors.

Someone Hired Specifically for the Job

It is possible to hire someone specifically to be the registered agent for the company. The benefit of this is it may be possible to find someone who already understands the requirements of the position and who is ready to handle the tasks. Pay for a position like this can vary depending on numerous factors, so it is important to carefully consider this before hiring someone to be the registered agent.

The biggest downside to this is it can be a waste of money depending on the size of the LLC or corporation. Depending on the size of the business, the registered agent might not be very busy and will have a lot of downtime. This means they’re being paid to be there every weekday during business hours, but they won’t have a lot of work to do. For many companies, this is a waste of funds that can be better used elsewhere.

Another downside is the need to spend money to hire someone for the position and to replace them quickly if they decide to leave the position. Companies looking to minimize costs associated with having a registered agent will want to avoid this option, as it can be expensive and, in most cases, won’t be necessary.

A Professional Service

Professional services are available and can handle the job with ease. Their employees are highly trained to do the tasks required by the job and are available throughout the week as required. Since the service handles hiring and other tasks, there is a lot less for a company to worry about when they use a service. They can simply sign up for the registered agent services and receive the help they need.

One of the biggest benefits, beyond saving a significant amount of money, is the ability to keep everything off-site. Legal documents and compliance notes or concerns will be directed to the registered agent service instead of the company’s offices, so there’s no concern about clients seeing legal documents being served. The service can provide assistance with making sure deadlines are reached, can help make sure any junk mail is dealt with so the company doesn’t have to worry about it, and handle a lot of other related tasks.

While registered agents are required for businesses in Missouri, there are low requirements for who can act as the registered agent. For LLCs and corporations, this means there are various options to consider to find the right solution now and in the future. In many cases, working with a professional service is going to be the best option, as they provide numerous benefits that simply aren’t available through other solutions.

If you’re starting an LLC or corporation in Missouri and need a registered agent, or if you have an existing business and are looking to switch to a new registered agent, opting for a registered agent service is a great way to make sure all tasks are handled properly and to save money.

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