Every company operating in the state of Missouri must have a registered agent listed to register their business. You can appoint yourself or someone associated with the organization.

Although, most corporations, LLCs, and nonprofits opt to appoint registered agent services. These are agents who manage business operations on your behalf.

To appoint yourself, someone else, or an agency, you will need to file a consent form. What is a consent form, and why does your business need one? Here’s what you need to know as a business owner in Missouri considering registered agent services.  

What is a Consent Form?

Consent to Appointment as Registered Agent (Form 5299) is a form filed on behalf of a business entity when that company hires registered agent services to manage the operational paperwork in lieu of handling themselves.

These agents receive and respond to documents such as:

  • Tax records
  • Compliance communications
  • Sensitive legal documents (subpoenas, service papers, court filings, etc.)

Benefits of Appointing a Missouri Registered Agent  

Registered agents help your company avoid missing deadlines when it comes time to renew registration. A registered agent will also ensure the anonymity of your organization by guaranteeing that your business does not get listed in the Secretary of State filings.

That means that your personal information and business data remain confidential. These are just a few of the services offered by a registered agent. Here are a few more benefits of signing up with registered agent services: 

1. Out-of-State Business Registrations 

You will need a local address to receive mail and other legal documents if you live in a state other than your business’s location. That becomes a challenge if you do not have a registered agent. 

Legislation requires business owners have a local address besides the company’s physical address. If they do not have one, the state will deny the business registration.

You can make sure that you and your company remain compliant with all business registration regulations for a starting a business by appointing a registered agent service. 

2. Assists with Handling Complaints  

Missouri requires companies to give customers a way to reach out to the company if they have a complaint. That means someone must be available during regular business hours to receive that complaint.

You satisfy the requirement for this regulation if you opt to appoint a registered service agent. Customers can contact the business through the agent. 

It is more convenient for the customers and business because it provides a single method for managing complaints. That way, the company can stay on top of any issues customers may have about the business. 

3. Receives and Forwards Mail 

A registered agent can accept mail on the company’s behalf during regular business hours. Mail is less likely to get lost because it gets processed in a centralized location. 

It also ensures that your business will respond to essential communications promptly. Time-sensitive mail won’t sit around on someone’s desk in receivables waiting for payment or further actions. 

It is another way to ensure that you don’t cost your company any unnecessary fees or penalties for non-payment or missing essential processing deadlines. A registered agent will ensure that your business mail gets into the right hands. 

4. Ensures Accuracy 

When you appoint a registered agent, you ensure that everything for your business gets done correctly. Your agent will assist you in making sure that you stay on top of everything from annual registration to quarterly billings and everything in between. 

You already have so much to manage for your business. Registered agent services will make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. They will also make sure that you fill out all your documents correctly. You get a second set of eyes on everything to ensure the utmost accuracy. 

Why You Need Registered Agent Services for Your Company

Business owners all over the state have discovered that being their own registered agents isn’t worth the hassle. Processing your company’s paperwork, like managing essential compliance communications or responding to sensitive legal documents, takes away from the time you need to run your business.

You started your business because you had a passion for the field of your expertise, not managing paperwork. When you appoint someone to be your registered agent, you can spend the time doing what you love.

At Missouri Registered Agent Services, we take the hassle out of running your company. We work with LLCs, corporations, and non-profits to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and their company’s information.

We help you avoid embarrassment if you or your business get served with legal documents. We also assist you in making sure that you don’t miss crucial compliance deadlines. You’ll never have to worry about paying penalties or fees because of a registration lapse.

Contact us today to learn more about appointing us for your registered agent services.