How to Change your Registered Agent to MO Registered Agent Services

How to Change your Registered Agent to MO Registered Agent Services

How to Change your Registered Agent to MO Registered Agent Services

Trust is crucial when working with a registered agent. There needs to be trust that the law will be followed, that the job will be done, and that nothing will be missed or overlooked. When a business isn’t satisfied with the job done by its registered agent, they do have the ability to change. MO Registered Agent Services is a fantastic option any business owner can trust to do the job right. Learn more about why it might be a good idea to change and how to change the registered agent to MO Registered Agent Services now. 

Why Make the Change?

The biggest reason for a business owner to change their registered agent to someone new is because they can’t trust that the job will be done right. They might be contacted when it’s not needed, find out the registered agent isn’t available per legal guidelines, or realize they’ve missed something crucial because the registered agent didn’t contact them before pertinent deadlines. If the registered agent isn’t doing their job properly, it could mean financial penalties or worse for the business. The business owner will want to find a new registered agent to handle the job before it gets to this point. 

Benefits of Choosing MO Registered Agent Services

MO Registered Agent Services has experience working with many different types of businesses and is ready to tackle every aspect of being a registered agent. They offer numerous benefits, including the following.

No Embarrassment

It can be embarrassing to be served at the office in front of clients or customers. Though lawsuits are often dropped before getting too far or end up being dismissed, it still doesn’t look good to be served in front of clients or customers. By working with MO Registered Agent Services, business owners don’t have to worry about this anymore. Any legal paperwork will be delivered to the registered agent, so clients and customers won’t be aware of it. 

Stay Anonymous 

Many business owners want to stay anonymous for their own safety or just as a precaution. If a business owner is their own registered agent, their name will be on all of the paperwork to register the business with the state. Instead, by working with MO Registered Agent Services, business owners can stay anonymous. MO Registered Agent Services will appear on official documents as the registered agent, keeping the business owner’s information private. 

Avoid Junk Mail

Businesses tend to get a lot of junk mail from prospective vendors, and a lot of it can just be tossed. It does take time to separate anything legitimate from the junk, though. With MO Registered Agent Services, all mail can be sorted on behalf of the business owner. The business owner only receives the items that need their attention, and all of the junk mail can be tossed, saving quite a bit of time. 

Keep Important Deadlines

Missing a legal deadline can mean losing a case, which can cost the business a significant amount of money. However, it is possible to receive reminders about important deadlines for lawsuits, compliance issues, and a lot more. With deadline reminders from MO Registered Agent Services, business owners don’t have to worry about forgetting and ending up with fines or other penalties. It’s possible to save a significant amount of money and stay on top of everything. 

Hiring a New Registered Agent

Business owners will want to start the change by hiring a new registered agent. By hiring a new registered agent, it’s possible to streamline the following steps. The new registered agent will stay on top of everything, make sure they have everything necessary to do the job, and help with registering the business with the new agent’s name. All of this does need to be done carefully to prevent potential issues and to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Letting the Other Registered Agent Go

It is necessary to let the prior registered agent know their services aren’t needed anymore. It is a good idea to do this in writing to ensure there are no questions about when the registered agent’s job ends, what they need to do with any official documents or any other details of the transfer. When letting them know, the business owner should provide the new registered agent’s information, including contact details, to make the transfer of information as easy as possible. 

Gathering Crucial Documents

The registered agent for a business has a significant amount of information and paperwork that has been collected over the time they’ve worked with the business. It is important to make sure anything that is important is transferred to the new registered agent. There are a few ways to transfer the information.

Physical Copies

Physical copies of any documents can be boxed up and taken to the new registered agent’s office. This task can be done by the business owner, the prior registered agent, or the new registered agent. It is crucial to be careful when transferring any physical copies of documents so that nothing is destroyed or lost, especially if there aren’t any backup copies. 

Digital Copies

Digital copies of most documents will be available today. It is a good idea to back up all of this information on at least two different hard drives or another type of transferrable media. Almost any transfer method for digital information will work, but the concern is damage during the transfer. It is possible to use the cloud to transfer material for a reduced chance of loss or destruction, but it is still a good idea to have a backup copy just in case. 

Emailed Information 

Some information can be emailed from the current registered agent to the new one. Email is fine for smaller documents or for forwarding calendar information and other small details. For larger documents, a data transfer is a much better option. When anything is emailed, ensure the email address for the new registered agent is correct and that the emails are received before any information is destroyed. 

Updating Information with the State

The registered agent must be on file with the state at all times. Lawyers, customers, and others can access this information if they need to contact the business, so keeping it updated is crucial. As soon as the new registered agent is hired, it’s possible to update the information with the state. Forms like the Statement of Change of Registered Agent may need to be filled out, and there may be a fee to do this. Business owners will want to be cautious and make sure all of this information is filled out properly to avoid having to correct the documents and pay an additional fee. 

Transferring Contact Information

Vendors, lawyers, and others may have the contact information for the current registered agent just in case they need anything. It is important to let them know that the registered agent has changed and provide the contact information for the new company. Business owners will want to go through their data to find anyone who may need the updated contact information. It is crucial to do this as soon as possible to avoid any delays in receiving information or any related issues. 

Best Time to Make the Switch

The best time to make the switch can vary from business to business. It is a good idea to think carefully about when to switch, though it may not be possible to wait in some situations.

Right Away

If there are any concerns about the ability of the prior registered agent to do their job, it’s not a good idea to wait. It’s possible to do the change at any time, so in these cases, it might be better to go ahead and do it right now. Doing it faster allows business owners to be confident their data and information will be handled appropriately and help prevent missing any deadlines or other issues. 

When Renewing Registration

The registration needs to be renewed regularly, so if that is coming up, it might be a good idea to wait to change the registered agent. It is a good idea to avoid waiting to change the information until the renewal, even if the actual registered agent has changed since the information should always be up to date. 

End of Tax Year

Some business owners will prefer to wait until the end of the tax year to change their registered agent. If this is the easiest time to do it and there won’t be potential issues with the change, then waiting until this point may be a good idea. 

A registered agent is legally required in MO, so finding one that is trustworthy and that can do the job right is crucial. For MO business owners, finding a great registered agent and making the switch doesn’t need to be hard. Instead, if you’re ready to change to a new registered agent you can trust, take a look at MO Registered Agent Services.

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